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 The Art Academy
Through our innovative method of teaching drawing, painting, and design to our youngest students we are best able to prepare them for the advanced drawing, watercolor and oil paintings that they will create when they are older. With faithful attendance, it is not unusual for our 5 to 8 year old students to advance into drawing and painting exercises reserved for our 9 to 13 year old students as early as age seven.
“I have had a joy from which no one can rob me. Can you offer anything to that joy of an artist?"
-Mary Cassatt
Chloe Laroque, Age 6
Book Illustaration
State Fair Winner!
Sage Kelner, Age 7
Alyssa Wilhelm, Age 8
State Fair Winner!
Maggie Enestvedt, Age 7
The Basic Elements of Drawing and Design
Ages 5-8

In our Introductory Program  we initially concentrate on color, composition, and basic drawing. After students have gained an elementary understanding of design and color theory we further develop their drawing skills and introduce them to painting.
First time students learn by illustrating a children’s book.  Students sketch ideas, improve their drawings, and color their illustrations to create a wonderful keepsake of their artistic beginnings.  Returning  5 to 8 year olds advance into acrylic painting, refining their picture-making skills and exploring painting techniques.  All 5-8 year old students sign up for our Basic Elements of Drawing and Design, we place them in the appropriate classroom, Books or Painting.