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Flexible Scheduling Options

Many families take advantage of our convenient and unique class make-up policy. Since most of our classes are offered on different days throughout the week, missed classes can be made up on another day or time that class is offered.  For example, if a student misses their Wednesday evening class they may come on Thursday instead, or they may attend twice the next week or whenever is convenient. Students may even attend twice a week for four weeks if necessary. With this option, our program can fit around vacations, illnesses, or other activities.  We know of no other program that offers such flexibility!  
            When making up a class, please follow these simple rules:

•  DO NOT make up classes during the first and last weeks of the term.  
•  There is no need to notify us of missed classes or of plans to make up classes.
•  A notice is posted the first week of the term if any class times are unavailable to    make-up students.
•  No student can attend more than 8 classes per term, unless they are registered for    multiple classes.
•  We ask make-up students to wait a few minutes in the hallway to avoid rearranging    the regular students in class, but we will find a     place for you.
•  Due to the specific lesson plans and limited schedule of Summer Camps, Manga, and    Figure Construction, missed classes cannot be made up.