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 The Art Academy
Adult Fine Arts Classes

The Art Academy offers an extensive selection of fine arts classes to satisfy the artistic needs of adults within our community. All classes focus on improving skills and are taught with thorough explanation and demonstration. We do not assign homework. We welcome both beginning and advanced students in all of our adult courses. Please check the Schedule Pages to find out when a class is held.  All skill levels are welcome; no prerequisites.
Pierre-Paul Prud’hon
Seated Nude
“I would rather be the first painter of common things than second in a higher art.”
-Diego Velazquez
Chris Franz, Instructor
Figure Study
James Robinson, Instructor
Direct Painting Demonstration after Harold Speed
John Vanderpoel
Charcoal Studies of the Torso
The Portrait & Figure -
Drawing and Painting from
the Live Model    

The Shorter Pose for Sensible Starts
The Longer Pose for Unity of Finish
The basis of traditional Western Art education centers upon learning how to draw the figure well, and that is the focus of these classes. Lectures are given on subjects including – recommended reading, materials, anatomy, aesthetics, indirect versus direct painting methods, and a reasonable breakdown of drawing and painting stages to complete finished work based on historic precedence.
Classes which consist of 3 poses emphasize Sensible Starts and how to balance Variety and Unity through the complex Middle Stage of a picture, while the Sunday afternoon class emphasizes finish by featuring a single pose throughout the term. Repeat the class to learn how to combine studies and memory work so much of your extended figure can be completed away from the model.
Students in all classes are encouraged to solve challenging drawing passages by executing smaller, quicker studies. Others may focus on portrait drawing and painting.
Throughout the course, draftsman will be encouraged to construct solid linear drawings investigating anatomy, structure, weight and line quality before progressing to the use of value to build volume. Painters may choose to follow the traditional indirect method presented by the instructor or explore more direct methods – both approaches will receive frequent, positive critiques from an experienced painter.

Lectures on traditional methods and materials and how they apply to working from life will be supplemented with informed demonstrations.

The course will conclude with a constructive critique of accumulated classroom work.
These classes needn’t be taken in sequence.