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 The Art Academy
Learn a Practical Method to Develop Original Ideas into Finished Works
Study the Art of Master Fantasy, Science Fiction and Comic Artists
Build and Improve Critical Skills in Drawing, Painting and Design

This course provides students with a traditional step-by-step process to create Fantasy, Science Fiction, or other original work in pencil, ink and paint.  The core focus is on developing the student’s rough, initial concept into a complete and finished work through the practical use of sketching, references, and incremental studies.  Concepts of design, line quality, value and color harmonies will be stressed to ensure each student’s final products are both conceptually and aesthetically engaging.  Initially, students will select inspirational master works to copy and use to study traditional techniques.  While developing these essential skills, students will be encouraged to maintain a sketchbook and create original ideas for narratives, subjects, character designs, and settings.  With the aid of the instructor, students will then select their best concepts to develop further using anatomical studies, photographic reference and compositional exercises.  Each student will explore methods to achieve their unique goals. Advanced students will culminate their learning experience in a finished, fully realized, original painting.
I hope my work has inspired young artists. I have always tried to maintain my freedom as an artist and I feel it is one of the main reasons I have been successful.

-Frank Frazetta
State Fair Blue Ribbon Winner!
Alex Pederson, Age 16
Oil Painting after Frazetta
Alex Pederson, Age 17
Charcoal Drawing
Alex Pederson, Age 17
Alex Pederson, Age 17
Value Study
Fantasy Painting Class
Ages 14 and Up

The Fantasy Painting Class is designed to correlate with our Drawing and Painting Fundamentals and Drawing Manga, Superheroes and Fantasy Figures programs.  Students may take the three classes together to learn complimentary information, thereby accelerating their skill development considerably.  However, it can be taken on its own, and there is no prerequisite.