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 The Art Academy
Adult Fine Arts Classes

The Art Academy offers an extensive selection of fine arts classes to satisfy the artistic needs of adults within our community. All classes focus on improving skills and are taught with thorough explanation and demonstration. We do not assign homework. We welcome both beginning and advanced students in all of our adult courses. Please check the Schedule Pages to find out when a class is held.  All skill levels are welcome; no prerequisites.
“The supreme misfortune is when theory outstrips performance”
-Leonardo Da Vinci
Renaissance Drawing and Painting
Techniques and Beyond

Students develop drawing and painting skills through a structured program of individual exercises based on time honored methods.  

Using historical models of traditional training as a guide, our course begins with an in-depth overview of drawing based on Renaissance Principles. Students learn how to improve their draftsmanship through methods of shape simplification, shape comparison and shape isolation. From there we advance to the study of line. Value and mass are considered next, followed by an exploration of edge relationships.
Students then advance into oil painting to learn underpainting and glazing techniques perfected during the 15th thru 19th centuries. They may also choose to experience the direct painting methods popularized by the Naturalist and Impressionist movements of the late 1800’s.

In this class the importance of finish is emphasized. All lessons are taught from an accurate, historical perspective. The development of a personal aesthetic based upon sound historic references and advanced artistic seeing is the ultimate goal. Instruction is sequential from term to term to ensure steady growth. By exposing students to the full vocabulary of Western Art we find they are better prepared to make creative choices in their personal work.
Chris Franz, Instructor after Peter P. Rubens
Portrait of a Noblemen
Cara Hunter
Oil after Caravaggio
Rose Polchowne
Graphite after Barque
Becky Hirdman
Oil after Greuze
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