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“If you hear a voice within you saying ‘You are not a painter’, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”
-Vincent Van Gogh

One Week Summer Camps for Children and Young Adults

Sessions meet once a day for five consecutive mornings. You can find the dates each is offered on the Summer Schedule page.  Students receive individual instruction and work at their own pace in a non-competitive environment. Student to teacher ratio is always low to ensure a successful learning experience. Many students find their skills progress very quickly in camps because of the steady practice a daily class can offer.

All of our camps are open to both new and continuing students; the descriptions for specific camps are listed below.

Caroline Anderson, Age 14

Drawing and Painting Fundamentals Camp

Ages 13-18

Students will improve their drawing abilities and increase their value and color perception while completing a picture of quality and finish within this camp. Traditional methods and materials will play an important role in the understanding of drawing and painting concepts. All technical information is taught in a systematic way to ensure increased skill development in each individual student.

Josh Wilczyk, Age 12

Painting and Design Camp

Ages 9-12

Children are taught the basic principles of composition and design, including an exploration of the importance of color choices that relate to the creation of space and depth on a two-dimensional surface. Sketchbook drawing and the use of reference material help inspire creativity and aid students in producing well-crafted pictures. By the conclusion of this camp everyone will complete a painting utilizing these concepts.

Maureen Hartogh, Age 8

Introduction to Painting and Design Camp

Ages 5-8 LEVEL 2

LEVEL 2 - Prerequisite: 5-8 Basic Elements Level 1 Class or Camp - Children expand on what they have learned in our Basic Elements class or Introduction to Drawing and Design camp by applying their knowledge to learn the fundamental principles of painting. Students are introduced to color mixing and develop brush control as they work through a series of painting exercises, culminating in a well-crafted, finished painting by the end of the week.

Introduction to Drawing and Design Camp
Ages 5-8 LEVEL 1

LEVEL 1 - Children learn the fundamental principles of picture-making explored in our regular Basic Elements program by illustrating a children’s book. The end result is a wonderful keepsake of color, composition, drawing and design.
Chloe Laroque, Age 6
Book Illustration

Drawing Manga, Super Heroes and Fantasy

Figures Camp                    Ages 13-18

All levels of study. The camp begins with an intensive overview of character design, including figure construction, basic anatomy, and costuming.  Students then create characters of their own and explore the visual storytelling techniques of page layout, camera angles, lettering and inking methods.  Finally, students incorporate their designs into their own comic or graphic novel pages.

Bill Hauser, Instructor
Jack Ratts
Summer Outdoor Landscape Painting Camp
Jack Dant, Instructor
Plein Air Oil Painting

Summer Outdoor Landscape Painting

Camp                       Ages 13-18

We’re taking kid’s art education to a whole new level!  Minnesota landscape Artist and friend Jack Dant will lead a small group of dedicated teens out into the sunshine to paint nature en plein air in oils.  Jack has led youth groups for years and is wonderful with kids; and he’s devoted countless hours to develop this camp to impart over 13 years of landscape painting experience to young painters.  DON’T miss this unique opportunity to study with this dedicated painter!  CLICK HERE for a detailed description.