Bill Hauser

Drawing Manga, Superheroes and Fantasy Figures Instructor

BILL HAUSER is a 1996 Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art graduate, whose artwork has graced the record covers, t-shirts and posters of numerous punk and heavy metal bands from around the world.

Bill Hauser, Wraparound Robot LP/CD Album Cover, Ink and Photoshop. Bill spent overs 40 hours on this illustration.

“My first exposure to comic books came in the form of MAD Magazine,” remembers Bill. “I knew immediately that I wanted to draw the images I saw for a living. Luckily, at a young age I was very fortunate to have excellent art instructors.  In many ways, those formative lessons made me into the artist I am today.”

LEFT: Bill Hauser, Jack Ratts Concept Art, Pencil on Paper
RIGHT: Bill Hauser, Jack Ratts CD Cover, Ink and Photoshop

After Bill graduated from college, he set about shaping his freelance career. “I self-published my own comic book called “Oh…Crackers!”and sold it at underground punk and heavy metal shows, and comic conventions. Unbeknownst to me it became something that bands really liked, and I soon got offers to draw record covers and merchandise by bands from all over the world.”

Bill Hauser, Wraparound LP/CD Album Cover, Ink and Photoshop

“At that time, I was also an on-staff illustrator at Lerner Publishing, a leading children’s book publisher. I worked there for nearly a decade and learned the ins and outs of the publishing industry, while making the connections necessary to build an independent career.”

Bill Hauser, Ink and Photoshop. This was a commissioned book cover for a PHD thesis about the effects of humans on insect populations in the European Marshlands.

Today, Bill is well known in the realm of underground music, having worked with bands like: ANTiSEEN, Ghoul, Hirax, In Defence, Skit System, BANE, Hellnation and Ozzy Osbourne. Inspired by ’80s rock and roll artists like Pushead and Richard Corben, Hauser’s attention to detail, jagged line work, and bright color schemes reflect the chaotic urgency of punk rock gigs. He has also drawn comic books for Devil’s Due Publishing and Dead Dog Comics.

LEFT: Bill Hauser, BANE T-shirt Design Concept Art, Pencil on Paper
RIGHT: Bill Hauser, BANE T-shirt Design, Ink and Photoshop

Bill comes to teaching with a passion to inspire children and teens:  “It means a lot to me to have an opportunity to pass on knowledge to the next generation of aspiring artists.  Even if the students use these lessons simply to foster a lifelong love and appreciation for illustration and art.  I want to give people the tools necessary to have a hobby or career.  A life built around art will be fuller, brighter and filled with wonder.”

Bill Hauser, Sandwich #13, #17, #19 and #20 Concept Art, Pencil on Paper. Sandwich is a fanzine that s the brainchild of Bill Hauser and fellow instructor David Witt. It provides the students in The Art Academy's Visual Storytelling through Comics and Graphic Novels, ages 12-18 Class a forum through which they may publish their sequential art. Bill and David always try to collaborate each Sandwich cover – Bill creats the concept drawing and David finishes off the design with spirited inking. The zine is one of the many innovations that Bill and David have brought to their program to help inspire kids to their greatest achievements.

See more of Bill's art and contact him at: https://www.facebook.com/billhauserart/ and https://www.instagram.com/billhauserart/?hl=en

Purchase originals and prints at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BillHauserArt

LEFT: Bill Hauser, SEISMA Front CD Cover Concept Art, Pencil on Paper
MIDDLE 1: Bill Hauser, SEISMA Front CD Cover, Ink & Pen & Brush on Paper
MIDDLE 2: Bill Hauser, SEISMA Front CD Cover, Ink and Photoshop
RIGHT: Bill Hauser, SEISMA Back CD Cover, Ink and Photoshop

This 4-stage sequence of Bill making an album cover shows the meticulous care that he pours into each of his projects. Note, for instance, how Bill refines his images between the Concept Art pencil stage and the Final Inking stage. Bill made subtle changes in the position of the dinosaur and woman in the foreground to increase their storytelling potential. By the way, you can watch a short video of Bill inking this cover at https://www.instagram.com/p/BBEuWlAp-M/

Bill then colored his inked drawing in Photoshop. He unified the foreground wit ha violet hue and heightened the tension of the cyclops and dinosaur by using a complementary blue/orange color scheme. He also lightened the central image slightly to push the action into the distance. Bill continued this color arrangement on the CD's back cover to create a cohesive design. Watch him ink it at: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRsOWQLDEqV/


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