Manga and Superheroes – Online

Drawing Manga, Superheroes and Fantasy Figures Online for Ages 12 thru Adult

Drawing Manga, Superheroes and Fantasy Figures Online is a new, special class focusing on comic book and fantasy artwork, led by Bill Hauser and David Witt.

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Comics Level 1 Supply List -Don't worry if you can't purchase these supplies. Once you sign up, you can email us for a list of home alternatives.

Week 1: April 7th
7:00-7:40 – Course introduction
• Introduce ourselves and our work, and discuss what we will cover for the next 8 weeks.
• Constructive anatomy.
Handouts and discussion of how to build figures animate and inanimate with simple shapes. A PDF will to send to all students.
• Assignment: Create your own character. Write a brief synopsis of your character (History, physical appearance etc.) sketch the construction lines with a color pencil (not black) and finished drawing with a regular pencil.

Monday, April 13 – One on one assignment review with each student. Each student will have a set time for the review that we will send them. Assignment review will last 15-20 minutes. Reviews will begin at 6:00 PM.

Week 2: April 14
7:00-7:40 – Inking Demo
• Live inking demo. We will both ink something live for students with simultaneous windows open in Zoom. As per usual introducing the materials and discuss what we’re doing.
• Assignment: Pencil the character you created last assignment on 11×17 bristol board and ink it. Pencil your character in an environment so you can practice different rendering techniques.
Please take a photo or scan of the pencil stage AND the finished inking stage as this will help us point out areas where you could perhaps have tried an alternative approach to your rendering.

Monday, April 20 – One on one assignment review with each student.

Week 3: April 21
7:00-7:45 – Page design and layout
• Handouts and discussion of viewpoints and page layout.
• Assignment: Design one (or more) comic book pages. The designed page(s) should be no less than 5 panels, showing each of the discussed viewpoints: bird’s eye, worm’s eye, establishing shot, silhouette, and close up.

Monday, April 27 – One on one assignment review with each student.

Week 4: April 28
7:00-7:30 – Lettering
• Handouts and discussion of comic book lettering.
• Assignment: Letter the page you created last week, or design and letter a new one. At this time we will also assign the final assignment: two sequential inked pages to be reviewed following the final class.

Monday, May 4 – One on one assignment review with each student.

Week 5: May 5
7:00-7:40 – In depth rendering with ink
• Handouts and discussion of how to create realistic textures and build form and shape with ink.
• Assignment: Create two small illustrations. Each illustration should be 8.5×11”. You can use one of the 11×17” sheets of Strathmore bristol and divide it into two equal pieces.
• The first illustration should be a drawing of something that is “natural”. Jungle scenes (lots of hanging vines, gnarled trees, dense foliage etc.), or sweeping vistas of mountains etc. are good ideas. Feel free to place your characters in this environment and create an interesting story surrounding your illustration. Regardless of what you draw, the main focus is texture and the interplay of light and dark. Please use reference photos to heighten the realism of your illustration.
• The second illustration should contain mostly man-made objects. Futuristic sci-fi stuff would be a fun suggestion, but feel free to be creative with the setting for this illustration. The main thing you want to focus on is the different ways to render man-made objects. Again, please refer to reference photos as much as possible.

Monday, May 11 – One on one assignment review with each student.

Week 6: May 12
7:00-7:40 – The power of covers
• Handouts and discussion of how to illustrate effective and eye catching covers.
• Assignment: Create an exciting, eye catching, cover for your comic book! Let’s see some cool hand drawn text too!

Monday, May 18 – One on one assignment review with each student.

Week 7: May 19
7:00-7:40 – Coloring techniques
• Handouts and discussion of how to use color to accentuate your art with color. We will discuss watercolor, markers, and using digital color.
• Assignment: Photocopy, scan and print, or digitally color your pages from a previous assignment and make a “color mockup”.

Monday, May 25 – One on one assignment review with each student.

Week 8: May 26
7:00-7:30 – Putting it all together
How comic books tell stories that are culturally impactful. Comic books are more than zany stories about people wearing spandex, they can also be so much more! We'll talk about comic books that shaped our perception of art and the world around
• Assignment: Now you’re ready to blast out two awesome pages for us to review. Let’s see some daring layouts, crisp beautiful inking, and amazing lettering. You have the tools, let us see you use ‘em!

Monday, June 2 – One on one assignment review with each student.

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