Summer Outdoor Landscape Painting Camp

Summer Outdoor Landscape Painting for Ages 13-18

A Torrent in Norway by John Singer Sargent
"Cultivate an ever-continuous power of observation.”
-John Singer Sargent (1856-1925)

Taught by St. Paul artist Jack Dant, the class will introduce students to the joys of Plein Air – or open air – painting.  It will include classroom sessions to gain an understanding of the basic techniques of prismatic color mixing and brush handling in oils, and then incorporate painting sessions out of doors, where students have the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in front of nature.

Indoors, students will interpret landscape photos to create simple, Payne’s Grey underpainting statements to freeze light effects through drawing, perspective, and edge relationships.  Once complete, color will be applied to their paintings to demonstrate how light shifts prismatically as it recedes into the background, creating atmospheric distance.

Jack Dant at Work

During outdoor sessions, the same techniques will be applied and perfected.  Students will therefore gain an application for the value of a Payne’s Grey underpainting to simplify and capture a scene  Careful observation, good drawing and confidence in painting will be emphasized.

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