Private Lessons

Private Lessons for Children, Teens, and Adults

"If a man is to become a good painter he must study the works of good artists until he has acquired the ability to draw easily."
-Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528)

Students seeking a focused and personalized learning experience may choose private lessons with one of our senior instructors. Although our regular classes are small, having only about 4-6 students per teacher, private lessons provide ideal learning conditions. We tailor lessons and projects to each individual’s needs and goals. This approach honors our core belief that practice builds skills which in turn fosters creativity. Each of our senior instructors have taught hundreds of students, and all are skilled artists themselves.

Children and Teens

Children and Teens often flourish under one-on-one instruction. In private lessons, students use all of the traditional materials: pencil, pen and ink, watercolor and oils. They may copy from master works to build skills. Many also work from life — drawing and painting still lifes, interiors, and landscapes. Another popular option is portrait-making, using oneself, a friend or family member, or even a pet as a subject!

Teens applying to art college will benefit greatly from private lessons. They will build and improve their portfolios under our careful guidance. We have experienced the application process ourselves, as both students and admission reviewers, and we understand what it takes to build an exceptional body of work.


For adults, there are many reasons to choose private lessons. Some students who follow our established curriculum simply prefer a more individual experience when compared to a classroom setting. Others request to focus intensively on mastering one particular drawing or painting medium.

Another advantage of private lessons is that students may seek guidance and honest critique in the development of their personal artwork.  Most private lessons for experienced painters begin with a review. We discuss the individual’s goals, look at materials and their use, and finish by agreeing upon a plan of action for future private sessions.

Private Lessons are $50 per hour at our location.

Travel to your home or studio may be possible at an additional cost.

Please contact us at 651-699-1573 to schedule lessons.