Welcome to Our School

Our Fall 2021 COVID Update

We are now easing back into holding in-person classes at our location. All participants will be asked to follow safety guidelines for preventing the spread of this virus following the CDC, Minnesota, and St. Paul guidelines.

We are also offering a selection of online classes for ages 10 and up.

We are very sorry to continue to report that the COVID pandemic has decreased our class sizes. Sarah and I are doing everything in our power to forge ahead.

To help us out, my son Zack has started a GoFundMe page. 100% of the proceeds of this fundraiser will go to staff salaries, rent, and other recurring business expenses.

Thank you for your generosity in word and deed!

Much love, and be well,
Jim, Sarah, and Paavo

Make Art Exceptionally Well

The Art Academy of St. Paul began with a simple yet revolutionary philosophy: We believe that with time, encouragement and the proper instruction, anyone can learn to draw and paint exceptionally well. Our school has served the Minneapolis & St. Paul community for over 25 years as artists and teachers.

At the Art Academy, we stress effort over talent. Through consistent effort, our unique, patented teaching methods can unlock your or your child's creative potential. We have proudly helped turn thousands of students into confident adults and skilled artists.