Student Artwork

We are incredibly proud of the work our students do. As we have a great reverence for tradition, many of the pictures that appear on this website are copies of historic and professional artists' works. For centuries, students have learned the foundations of art by studying and reproducing the great works of the past. All copies are made solely for educational purposes.

Browse our students' artwork in the galleries below.

Ages 5-8 Artwork

Book illustration teaches drawing, coloring, and design. Acrylic painting improves students color mixing abilities and reinforces composition skills.
State-Fair winning watercolor by 11-year-old Catherine Yanish

Ages 9-13 Artwork

Our 9-13 year old students begin drawing in pencil before advancing to pen and ink, and then on to Watercolor. Many children choose to use their new skills to develop original pieces. Teachers work with students individually to ensure their skills progress with each new project.

Ages 14-18 Watercolor & Oil Painting

Art Academy teen students are continually challenged to deepen their understanding of line, shape, value, color and edge relationships to improve their skills. A gallery of oil paintings shows that they are willing to tackle ambitious projects to gain mastery.

Manga, Superheroes and Fantasy Figures Artwork

Our manga and comic book gallery showcases both instructor and student works, titled with age.
Madeline Sorenson, Pen & Ink

Pen and Ink Artwork

Pen and Ink is a time-honored skill that students practice in order to master technique. It is the foundation upon which illustration is built!

Fantasy Painting

This gallery showcases work from our Fantasy Painting class, focusing on character design, proportion, anatomy and comic book and graphic novel composition.

Adult Student Artwork

This gallery features original pencil drawings and oil paintings compositions conceived and completed using lessons learned at The Art Academy.