Charlotti Biscotti

In Memory of Charlotti Biscotti

Charlotte, Sarah’s wonderful dog and loving companion, was our faithful mascot at The Art Academy for many years. She passed away in 2008. In loving memory we preserve her Instructor Page on our website.

Charlotti Biscotti and some of her favorite students.

CHARLOTTI BISCOTTI, studied painting at the famed Ecole des Bones-Arts in Paris under the great Leonardo dog Vinci. From there she apprenticed with Henri Muttisse and became the inspiration for many of his most well known paintings. Charlotti's own inventive Paw Prints stunned the art world when many critics compared her work to the revolutionary drip paintings of Jackson Pollock. Her one-woof show at the Museum of Modern Art was an immediate sellout; the New York Times was a-buzz with favorable reviews. When interviewed by Bill Moyers for American Masters on PBS following the show she explained that she likes the texture of her canvas "R-R-Ruff!".

One of Charlotti Biscotti's famous Paw Prints. Upon seeing this painting Jackson Pollock muttered, "I'm gonna get me a dawg!"

Charlotti never worked for money; her lofty ideals prevented her from accepting any financial reparation. However, a little nibble of a sandwich or cookie was always appreciated. VIVA LA SNACK!

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