Mick Kaufer

MICK KAUFER  is a freelance illustrator and concept designer. Her focus and passion lie in both illustration and design, as well as visual storytelling, and she enjoys doing both in-depth historical research to support her work. She has been teaching at the Art Academy for 2 years.

LEFT: Mick Kaufer, All Hail the Queen, Digital Painting
RIGHT: Mick Kaufer, The Dishonorable Captain Vane, Digital Painting

Mick has always loved art, and she has been drawing as long as anyone can remember. "My parents had to take me out of a Montessori kindergarten class because the teachers couldn't get me to do anything other than draw all day. 15 years later, and not much has changed," she says.

Mick enjoys many different creative outlets but drawing and painting are by far her favorites.

LEFT: Mick Kaufer, Character Studies, Digital
RIGHT: Mick Kaufer, Character Study, Digital

Mick took classes at the Art Academy in her teen years, and she still uses the techniques she learned in her studies and her original works today. "Learning to work properly from reference has been one of the most important growths my art has had."

LEFT: Mick Kaufer, Character Design – Ochidra of the Red Isles
RIGHT: Mick Kaufer, Character Design – The Witchhunter

Her favorite part of being an instructor is experiences the student's excitement for creativity and teaching them how to harness it. "I remember being in their shoes and having this incredible passion that I was unsure how to use. It's an honor and a privilege to be for these younger students what I wish I could have had when I was their age, and it's truly wonderful to watch them improve." She enjoys working with each student individually and engaging with them on the things they most want to learn, offering guidance and instruction to foster their ideas.

LEFT: Mick Kaufer, The Lovers, Digital Painting
RIGHT: Mick Kaufer, Murder of a Muse, Digital Painting

Most of her work is for private commissions, but she has also done work for zines and has several other projects in development.

LEFT: Mick Kaufer, Neon Lights, Digital Painting
RIGHT: Mick Kaufer, The Black Hand's Reprise, Digital Painting

Mick is proficient in both digital and traditional media and uses both in her personal and professional work. See more of Mick's work at https://www.deviantart.com/lessmickable and https://amickableart.tumblr.com/

LEFT: Mick Kaufer, Songbird of the Blackwater, Digital Painting
Right: Mick Kaufer, The Bootleg Blues, Digital Painting