Drawing Manga, Super Heroes, and Comics – Supply List

Materials and Supply List

The art supplies listed below can be purchased as a kit at the art supply store Wet Paint, 1684 Grand Ave., St. Paul, at a discounted rate.

If you are unable to purchase all the art supplies listed below by the first class, don’t worry. The instructor can loan your child supplies for that lesson.

We encourage students to use these supplies outside of class as much as possible!

Character Design and Development Supplies

• 2 – F pencils
• White Block eraser
• 300 Bristol 11”x17” plate Pad
• Strathmore 9”x12”, 100 sheet, 50 lb sketchbook or equivalent
• Set of 4 Micron Pens, #02, #03, #05, #08
• Simplified Anatomy For The Comic Book Artist by Christopher Hart

Household Items

• Shoebox or Tackle box to hold art supplies
• Roll of Paper Towels (to be left at classroom). Continuing students need to bring a new roll every session

If your child is attending the camp, please have your child bring two snacks to each class. Please avoid snacks with nuts.