Painting and Design Summer Camp, Ages 9-12 – Supply List

Materials and Supply List

To ensure a successful learning experience at The Art Academy, please make sure your child has ALL the items listed below.

The art supplies listed below can be purchased as a kit at the art supply store Wet Paint, 1684 Grand Ave., St. Paul, at a discounted rate. Their staff is very familiar with our program and is very well informed about art materials and their use.

Please make sure that your child brings 2 snacks to each class. Each 3 hour class will have 2 scheduled break periods for bathroom breaks and snack times.

Painting and Design Supplies

• 1 – HB pencil
• Kneaded eraser
• Pink Pearl eraser
• Set of 10 Crayola Classic Assorted markers, #58-7722
• Set of 10 Crayola Broad Assorted Markers, #58-7725
• Major Accent highlighter 4 pack, with colors yellow, orange, pink, blue
• Major Accent highlighters, green and purple
• Sharpie Fine Point black marker
• Strathmore 9”x12” 100 sheet, 50 lb sketch book
• Princeton round #4 brush, #4350R
• Princeton 1/2” Stroke brush, #4350ST
• Strathmore 11”x15” watercolor cold press pad, 12 sheets, 140 lb

Household Items

• Shoebox or Tackle box to hold art supplies
• Roll of Paper Towels (to be left at classroom). Continuing students need to bring a new roll every session.