Digital Illustration & Composition Online – Ages 14-Adult

Digital Illustration and Composition Online for Ages 14-Adult

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Digital Concept Art by P Jones
"The fantastic thing about digital art is how fast you can get an idea down in full color and value. Gone are all the lengthy preparations, such as canvas priming, color mixing and drying times. This, in turn, lends the hand towards energetic mark-making."
– Patrick Jones

Digital Illustration and Composition is an online course designed for self-motivated students who are either new to digital art or want to learn how to better use the tools. Due to the expense of the materials and in-depth concepts covered in this class, this course is for intermediate to advanced students who are invested in cultivating drawing as a long-term skill. Students completely new to drawing will not benefit from taking this course.

The program centers around digital tools and how to use them. In the Digital Art class, students will learn about layer modes, clipping masks, filters, brush settings, gradients, selection tools, color adjustment, and much more to take their drawings to the next level. Art concepts such as color theory, anatomy, line art, lighting, and backgrounds will also be explored, through the lens of digital art styles and techniques.

The instructor will be demonstrating and teaching in the program Procreate, but the techniques and principles are applicable in any comparable program (Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Krita, etc). A basic knowledge on your program of choices' tools and how to use them is prerequisite.

This class is designed to be customizable to meet the needs of each student. Before the first class, students will be given a survey to fill out where they will be able to mark off what tools/concepts they already know how to use/do, which they want to know more about, and which they don’t yet feel comfortable with using.

Digital Artwork

Lilliah Campagna, Instructor, Drift/Deadlock, Digital Painting
Mick Kaufer, Instructor, Evil Ways, Digital Painting
Mick Kaufer, Instructor, Grey Warden, Digital Painting
Lilliah Campagna, Instructor, Graphic Novel Page 1, Digital Color Panel

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