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Drawing & Painting Fundamentals Online – Ages 10-18

** Class Begins Apr 9th ** - Our Online Drawing and Painting Fundamentals follows the curriculum of our Fundamentals classes for pre-teens and teens. It begins with black and white drawing exercises in pencil and pen and ink. After basic skills are learned, children advance to color in watercolor and oil.

Drawing and Painting Fundamentals for Teens

The Drawing Fundamentals class for teens emphasizes the basics of drawing simply and logically. Our methods promote sound draftsmanship, which dramatically improves a student’s drawing abilities, both in class and on independent projects.

Basic Elements of Drawing and Design

An introductory class that gives young children a strong foundation in art that will support more advanced concepts as they grow. For ages 7 to 8.

The Basic Elements of Drawing and Design, Ages 5-8 – Supply List

State-Fair winning watercolor by 11-year-old Catherine Yanish

Drawing and Painting Fundamentals for Children

Our Drawing and Painting Fundamentals class begins with black and white drawing exercises in pencil and pen and ink. After students learn these basic skills, children advance to color using watercolor, and finally oil paints.

Private Lessons

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Children and Teens

Traditional Drawing and Painting Methods

Learn the traditional techniques of art in a relaxed atmosphere. Start with the basics and then advance your skills in the areas you prefer.
Melinda Hiller, Age 16

Drawing and Painting Fundamentals for Homeschoolers

Our core curriculum for children and teens, offered during the day and specially tailored to homeschool families.
Advanced Watercolor Painting

Advanced Class for Teens Online – Ages 13-19

** Class Begins Apr 11th ** If your teen has taken in-person classes at The Art Academy and has reached the level of advanced watercolor, this is the class you should consider.
Oil Painting after Caravaggio

Renaissance Drawing and Painting Techniques and Beyond

Work in the methods of the masters. A structured program develops your skills in a focused but friendly environment.

Manga and Superheroes

A popular class that focuses on character design and visual storytelling. Students may take it as part of the core curriculum, or as an independent class.

The Oil Study: Proper Techniques for Traditional Painting

Get your eye and hand working together. Learn about the materials of oil painting and start your paintings off on the right foot.

Drawing and Painting Fundamentals, Ages 9-18 – Supply List

Fantasy Painting

This course provides students with a step-by-step process to create fantasy, science fiction, or other original work in pencil, ink and paint. The focus is on developing a rough, initial concept into a complete and finished work through the practical use of sketching, references, and incremental studies.