Fantasy Painting

Heroes and Monsters

Initially, students will select inspirational master works to copy and use to study traditional techniques. While developing these essential skills, they also maintain a sketchbook of original ideas for narratives, subjects, character designs, and settings. Advanced students culminate their experience by creating a finished, fully realized painting.

In this first sequence of pictures, students have created paintings to learn step-by-step procedures from masters of Fantasy, Comic, and Science Fiction art.

Developing a Concept to Finish

In the following sequence of pictures we trace the thought process of one student at work on an original fantasy painting. Inspired by masterworks and sketchbook drawings, Alex used ink and wash to paint composition sketches. The cycle shows Alex's rough, initial concept as it develops into a complete visual expression through incremental studies.

Alex then selected his best concepts and consulted photographic reference to produce a full-size compositional drawing. Next came his bistre and grisaille underpainting.

The gallery concludes with a pencil drawing by Eliza Baker. It is included to demonstrate the variety of techniques we encourage students to try as they work to harness their first creative impulse.