For Adults

Lifelong Pursuit

"I am not interested in art as a means of making a living, but I am interested in art as a means of living a life."
-Robert Henri, 1865-1929

The Art Academy offers an extensive selection of classes to satisfy the artistic needs of adults within our community. All classes focus on improving skills and on thorough explanation and demonstration. Classes provide a casual, encouraging atmosphere. Our students have busy schedules and we do not assign homework. We welcome both beginning and advanced students in all of our adult courses.

Great atmosphere to create art! Recommended for all ages! — Dan Dittmer

The staff was so welcoming and made each class fun!
— Shiela Sinha

For 9-13 Year Olds

Building a Strong Foundation

Leo Shen, Age 10
Leo Shen, Age 10

At ages 9-13, children are ready to practice the technical skills that serve as the foundation of traditional drawing and painting. In the last one hundred years, however, art education has come to dismiss such thorough training, instead focusing on a student's innate "talent" and "creativity." Unfortunately, this focus has eroded children's interest in the arts: studies have shown that as early as age twelve many people abandon their artistic goals because they feel untalented and self-conscious about the work that they produce.

In contrast, The Art Academy always stresses training and practice over talent. Our school sees every student as capable of developing incredible skill through careful instruction. We believe that if students put forth their best efforts during each class, their abilities will flourish – unlocking a level of artistic potential that goes well beyond their expectations.

As a parent, it’s gratifying to see children enjoying something that’s also so clearly beneficial for their development as well-rounded people.
— Mary Petrie

The curriculum is rigorous, employing strict foundational studies. Even so, the teachers have inspired the kids' enthusiasm. Quite a feat, I think, considering all the candy being dangled in front of our kids these days.
— Tim Lundgren

My daughter Chelsea has taken classes at The Art Academy since she was 9 years old. Through the process of these classes she found a strength which has become a foundation for a positive belief in herself.
— Sharon Fries

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For Teens

Honing Skills and Interests

a tiger watches the gulls
Ellie Perendy, Age 18

Our program for teenagers gives students the confidence to push their abilities as far as they can. The classes challenge teens to deepen their understanding of line, shape, value, color and edge relationships. Students select projects based upon their interests as they progress from pencil and pen-and-ink drawing to watercolor and oil painting.

We are very grateful for the encouragement and support that you have given Andrea over the last couple of years. You have not only nurtured Andrea’s artistic technical skills but also her self-confidence and self esteem.
— Vicki and Tom Fields


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For 7-8 Year Olds

Making Pictures

Happy Fish
Maureen Hartogh, Age 8

Children are natural storytellers. As young as five years old, they are able to make surprisingly sophisticated design choices and develop themes based upon their interests. At this introductory level, our program taps into your child's creative drive.

We have developed an innovative, age-appropriate curriculum that allows our youngest students to express their creativity while learning skills that transfer into our program for older children. More importantly, classes at this level help children to focus and concentrate in all areas of their life.

Our casual atmosphere, small class sizes, and ample one-on-one time with our dedicated instructors ensures that kids learn and have fun in a structured environment.

Your vision and love for both art and kids is really evident.
— Bill Carr

Elizabeth is thoroughly enjoying her art class with you. She looks forward to each class and hates to miss a session. Thank you for teaching and inspiring her.
— Ann Derr

While other interests come and go, our children have remained steadfast and joyful in their study at The Art Academy. Both my son and daughter began lessons at age five: three years later, not only are they confident drawers and painters, they demonstrate a real appreciation for art.
— Mary Petrie

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